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ตุลาคม 25th, 2023 | ข่าว Mintel |

‘Beauty activists’ are now the largest consumer group in Thai beauty (41%).

  • 50% of consumers say they do not support brands that go against their beliefs or ethics. 
  • More than a third (44%) would speak out against a beauty campaign they see as wrong. 
  • ‘Conformers’, on the other hand, are consumers aged 45 and over who tend to place less importance on this aspect, with the majority (54%) being influenced by younger family members. When purchasing beauty products


(Bangkok, Thailand, XX day, XX month 2022) Young consumers in Thailand It is creating change in the beauty industry. With an appeal to individuality, intent, and ethics. But the differences between generations are increasing. Based on the latest research of Mintel’s Thai Beauty Consumers 2022. 

Data from Mintel identifies 5 key things that will affect the evolution of the beauty market in Thailand.

As global influence becomes more visible, generational differences in ideology and culture create tensions in expression between older and younger generations.

Meanwhile, older generations of consumers still have the same ideas about beauty. This is different from young consumers who are starting to change their minds to break from the old rules. and dare to express yourself more Influenced by the news and foreign movies make in the present The new generation places importance on social and environmental values. and are not afraid to challenge traditional social norms. or express opinions via social media more online

According to Mintel, the largest consumer group is Beauty activists, ages 25 – 34, mostly living in urban areas This group accounts for 41% of Thai beauty consumers. And more than half of these consumers (53%) say it is important to buy beauty products from ethical brands.

Beauty activists also highlight socially responsible brands. More than a third (44%) are willing to come out and protest against beauty campaigns they don’t like, and another (50%) say they will stop supporting brands that do not align with their beliefs and values. Your own popularity is important.

On the other hand, older consumers still have the same views and values. And it takes longer to embrace new ideas about beauty. Although some people have begun to embrace the value of beauty in a new perspective. Brand owners must ensure that they do not exclude this group of consumers. and find a way to influence consumers while still honoring and maintain the customer base

According to Mintel, groups of people are following suit. A proportion (15%) are people aged 45 and over. They are not interested in the environment or social issues. But brands can use this opportunity to indirectly influence and encourage participation in social and environmental causes. through the purchase of beauty products

A proportion of consumers (94%) expressed that they are not interested in using beauty products that are mindful and socially responsible, and another 54% said that family members, mostly younger consumers, are. It has a huge influence on their product purchasing decisions.

Ms. Sirina Puphachart, beauty and personal care analyst Mentioning the results of Mintel’s research on Thai Beauty Consumers 2022, “Thai young consumers are beginning to desire change. Social media gives them the courage to speak up. Challenging social norms and find ways to express their true selves. However, older consumers still have the same views and needs about beauty brands.

Young Thai consumers who are social activists are a very influential group of beauty consumers. However, Beauty brands should also keep their focus on older consumers. and look at a balanced way to take care of both consumer groups at the same time.

“Brands can overcome this challenge by taking a clear stance on what young consumers care about. And find a way for older consumers to easily play a role in authenticity and environmental friendliness, for example, the campaign for beauty like Clean Beauty, Clean Beauty to protect the environment. Easily create opportunities to contribute to environmental protection through donations. and publicizing the brand’s environmental protection and CSR projects.”


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*2,000 internet users aged 18 years and up, April 2022

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