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มกราคม 18th, 2023 | ข่าว Mintel |

Games and e-sports are becoming increasingly popular among Thai consumers. Recent research from Mintel by global market intelligence experts found that 3 in 4 Thai consumers (76%) play games at least 1 hour per day** and 1 in 3 (36%) play games. Game for 2-4 hours per day.

Males are still the dominant group in gaming and esports. As a result of the lockdown, other groups of Thai consumers have turned to playing games more. And this behavior continues to grow. This is a great opportunity for brands to build relationships and engage with consumers through new channels such as gaming partnerships or gamification marketing .

Thai seniors have the highest growth rate in playing games.

Even though gaming time has increased among all consumer groups, But the most noticeable growth is Among consumers aged 45 years and over, 1 in 3 seniors (37%) revealed that they played more games during the COVID-19 outbreak. Global Health Aging data also found that seniors play games to relieve stress. Maintain your mental state connect with others and for fun

The fact that a wide range of consumers are interested in gaming presents a great opportunity for brand owners in all industries. To advertise products and services in the form of marketing through games. and use prizes as a motivator for participation Gaming and online activities are a win-win solution. Online activities help consumers engage with products and services. It also ensures that consumers remember the brand’s message and logo.

Women are looking for an outlet to relieve stress.

What’s interesting from a gendered gamer perspective is that brands have the opportunity to focus on female gamers. From Mintel’s research, it was found that 7 out of 10 female gamers (71%) play games to reduce stress and anxiety. This is not a shocking number because it reports Thai consumers’ attitudes towards mental health. Mintel shows that Female consumers are more likely to experience anxiety and burnout than males.

Games with bright colors and soothing sound effects to relax and reduce stress are popular among female consumers. 

Challenges and opportunities in the field of well-being

Relief from stress isn’t the only reason why Thai consumers are playing more games. Three out of four consumers (75%) also believe gaming is a way to connect with others. However, playing for too long can lead to stress relief. It can also have negative health effects. 17 percent of consumers aged 18-44 said they have experienced health problems from playing games.

To reduce these concerns Brands can organize activities that promote inclusion to encourage consumers to be more creative. As well as developing relationships between family, friends and spouses.

Dr. Wilasinee Siriboonphiphatthana (Kaimook), Senior Lifestyle Analyst, Mintel Reports Thailand, said:

“The gaming business has seen impressive growth in both gaming revenue and gaming and esports viewership during the global pandemic. Because millions of people are unable to leave their homes due to quarantine measures. Therefore seeking a new form of entertainment from sports games. As a result, the gaming market in 2021 will have a high value of approximately USD 198.4 billion. And it is likely to grow another 71% by 2027. Brands should seize the opportunity in the gaming market. Especially at a time when the group of gamers has expanded more than ever before.

“In terms of bringing innovation to enhance products Brands can add extra elements to games that are more than just “just a game” to help promote the growth of the gaming industry, for example by partnering with food and beverage brands and offering health benefits. In terms of consumer participation Brands that sponsor or promote esports games and tournaments can attract consumers and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Brands can use advertising within the game. Or create gamified educational programs to help train consumers with new skills. The most important thing is that brands must intelligently define their core goals. By separating the target groups by gender, age, and age group because consumers in each group play games for different purposes. and on different occasions.”


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* The sample group consisted of 1,500 consumers aged 18 years and up .

** In this report, Mintel has used the following definitions:

  •         Games / Gaming means digital and non-digital games (such as board games), unless otherwise specified.
  •         Esports is professional video game competition. It is a systematic event with clear divisions into teams and players competing.
  •         Game viewers are consumers ages 18 and up who watch other people play games. This includes competing in esports and playing video games, viewed on Twitch and other gaming platforms.


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